Get support from caring professionals so you or a loved one can live more independently, improve well-being, and enjoy your daily life. Explore a variety of programs and services from The Arc of East Central Iowa.


Find an experienced temporary caretaker for a child or an adult with special needs. Because every family is different, you can choose from a variety of Respite services, including group respite activities. To talk to someone about Respite care or to schedule a Respite, contact Respite Scheduling at 319-365-0487.

Intermittent Medical Monitoring & Treatment (IMMT)

Take advantage of comprehensive development care and special services for individuals with special needs. IMMT offers:

  • Activities and experiences to support healthy social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth
  • Medical assessment, monitoring, and intervention on a regular or emergency basis
  • Medical monitoring
  • Medical intervention

If you’re a caregiver, this program can allow you to be employed while your loved one accesses services.  

Supported Community Living (SCL)

During regularly scheduled sessions, your loved one with intellectual or developmental disabilities can receive support to become more active in the community. Depend on staff at The Arc to design a personalized, skill-based training program that helps your loved one become more independent. 

Habilitation Services 

Habilitation services is a program that offers home and community-based services for individuals with functional impairments typically associated with chronic (long-term) mental health conditions. With the support of our friendly staff, you’ll build, retain, and improve self-care, socialization, and adaptive skills that increase your quality of life.

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