For over 60 years, The Arc has been an advocacy organization made of members who support and defend the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

That means that hundreds of members and interested friends have spoken up for those who can′t speak for themselves – children and adults with intellectual and related disabilities. Over time, that advocacy has brought people out of institutions and kept children and families intact – in the community.

Members participate in the Arc March

″Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.″

Margaret Mead

Community Awareness Activities

The Arc of East Central Iowa is committed to community awareness and understanding of people who have developmental disabilities. Efforts to achieve this goal include activities including:

  • Annual Awareness month
  • The Arc March, our annual awareness walk
  • Candidate Forums
  • Legislative Day
  • Letters to the editor
  • Presentations to community groups

Legislative Advocacy

Join us at the table for every major public policy fight and advancement impacting the lives of people with disabilities. We still have work to do – but we know we can succeed with strong state and federal policy advocates working hand in hand with grassroots activists like you. Visit the Iowa Legislature website to find out who your legislators are today and contact them to advocate for the people we serve.

Information Requests

The Arc is your source for information and resources about living with an intellectual or developmental disability. Reach out to staff at 319-365-0487 if you have questions about:

  • Estate needs
  • Guardianship
  • Individual Education Plans (IEP)
  • Individual Service Plans (ISP)
  • Legal assistance
  • Residential planning
  • State benefits
  • Transportation


Creating strong relationships between people with and without developmental disabilities is one of our goals. We have experienced firsthand the difference it can make in everyone’s life. Contact The Arc of East Central to Iowa by email or call 319-365-0487 to learn about our mentorship opportunities.

Our Voice Newsletter

Stay up-to-date about advocacy, events, and topics concerning adults with intellectual and other disabilities when you read Our Voice newsletter [PDF].

Voices Unlimited

At The Arc, we work to empower adults with intellectual and other related disabilities through education and support. We encourage all individuals to exercise their right to become active citizens within the community. Voices Unlimited is an organized self-advocacy group and social club. Members of Voices Unlimited meet monthly to share their ideas, build friendships, and participate in advocacy activities.

Download our Voices Unlimited brochure [PDF] to learn more and fill out a membership application.